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Hot air balloon in the sky from Over The Rainbow Hot Air Balloon rides in Bothell.

Over The Rainbow Hot Air Balloon Rides

This year we are Celebrating our 28th year as Seattle’s Favorite Hot Air Balloon Company located in nearby Woodinville. Over the years we have offered hot air balloon rides in different locations of Washington State. By request over the years we found out that most of our customers preferred the Beauty and convenience of Hot Air ballooning over the Woodinville Wine Country.

Since we are only 20 miles from Seattle, tourist and natives alike come out for little half day trips to Woodinville to enjoy their hot air balloon ride and check out the tourist/wine district. On our balloon rides you enjoy spectacular views looking over Lake Washington at the Seattle Skyline. Beyond that is Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountain Range. Let’s not leave out Mount Rainier it is so big and beautiful that my passengers often ask me if we are going to make it to the mountain and I reply I hope not since Rainier is about 60 miles away and the average balloon flight covers a distance of 6-10 miles. Looking back towards the east is the Cascade Mountain Range. The Cascades divide Washington running north and south.

The Seattle area is a beautiful place for hot air balloon rides. I always look forward to the summers in Seattle. The area here in Woodinville where we have chosen to offer our flights allows many choices of launch sites so we are able to offer the longest hot air balloon rides in Washington; some of our hot air balloon rides we take off in Snohomish then land in Woodinville or Redmond.

After all the years we’ve been doing balloon rides we still enjoy sharing our passion with new guests plus many who have been out several times along with some who call to schedule as the result of a recommendation from a close friend or relative. Then we know that we are doing something right.


Over The Rainbow Hot Air Balloon Rides

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