Taquitos and nachos from Julio's Mexican Restaurant in Bothell, Washington.

Julio's Mexican Restaurant

In 2011, Chef Julio and his wife Silvia took over a failing Mexican restaurant. One of the things that Julio’s is most proud of is their use of only the finest, freshest local ingredients. An example of this would be all their beef, chicken and pork is proudly delivered twice a week from E.C. Wilson Co, Inc., a wholesale meat producer out of Kenmore, WA.

To ensure the ultimate in freshness, Julio’s cooks only what’s needed per day as well; producing minimal waste, assuring little-to-no-need for additives, chemicals or even the need for a walk-in cooler. The staff, both Kitchen and Servers are also educated in the benefits of Julio’s “Old School” way of cooking and preparing food, and are always happy to share that plates are made fresh and as ordered, with no huge vats of beans or rice anywhere which notoriously are found in other Mexican restaurants. Hailing from the state of Aguascalientes, Mexico; Julio learned from 2 generations worth of professional cooks (otherwise known as his Grandmother and Mother!) and embraced their authentic recipes…. then Julio took these skills and honed them further here in the states for restaurant-quality presentations.

Prior to starting Julio’s, Chef Julio had worked at premier restaurants in Seattle. He knew that people who shared his passion for the subtleties of taste and presentation would be key and over the years he’s found the perfect blend between authentic cooking and American expectations, along with continuing to challenge them each day. “We are about three things,” concludes Julio. “Traditionally prepared Mexican food and drinks (Julio’s has a full bar); fresh ingredients…, not to mention the happy customers who keep coming back and who tell their friends.”


Julio's Mexican Restaurant

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