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Person holding a bottle of rosé wine from Lauren Ashton Cellars near Bothell, WA.

Lauren Ashton Cellars

Enjoying wine is a very personal experience. We are drawn to its color, aroma, and taste in ways unique to each person. Our own life experiences influence how we hear, see, smell, and taste varieties of wine from many unique terroirs around the globe. From the pop of the cork as the wine takes is first breath of fresh air again to the clink of glasses among friends, the wine tasting experience is an individual phenomenon. A proper wine tasting experience should bring out the individual qualities of a wine as it matches up to the person enjoying it. With the helpful advice of a tasting coach, it is possible to learn the many facets of what wine is and what wine does. At Lauren Ashton Cellars we strive to help each person discover new elements of wine every day.

The Premium Tasting Experience consists of discovering the essential elements of up to five different wines together with other clients in the Tasting Studio. Current release wines are compared to one another and evaluated in terms of how they pair with different foods. Your wine coach will guide you to uncover primary and secondary aromas and tastes. The fee for this experience is $15 per person, which can be waived with a minimum wine purchase of $45 or more. The Group Tasting Experience is designed to guide a small group of friends (minimum – group of 10) through the best wines in the cellar. This menu will be customized to explore a variety of varietals and blended wines from the different American Viticulture Areas in Washington. This experience is available for $25 per person, and is not offset by the purchase of wine.


Lauren Ashton Cellars

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