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3 Must-Visit National Parks Near Bothell

Washington State is home to heaps of majestic natural wonders. From coast to inland, you'll find beaches, oceans, waterfalls, lakes, and one of the largest temperate rainforests in the U.S. And here in Bothell, we're centrally located to all of Washington's wonderful outdoor experiences, so if you're craving time at the ocean, mountains, or one of our three National Parks, staying here makes finding your idea of adventure very convenient.

Find out how to book your stay in Bothell and please remember to follow social distancing guidelines.


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Mount Rainier National Park

Entrance fee: $30 per vehicle, $25 per motorcycle, or $15 per person

The fifth established National Park in the United States, Mount Rainier National Park is an active volcano that last erupted in the 1890s. The volcano is surrounded by glaciers standing 14,410 feet tall with an abundance of wildlife circulating. As the most glaciated mountain peak in the United States, mountaineers from all over attempt this challenging climb in order to see the beauty up close and personal.

The 93-mile Wonderland Trail draws backpackers for a stunning view but will take you about two weeks to complete. If you're looking for a more amateur adventure, languid walks through the wildflower alpine meadow will provide gorgeous views while you watch more advanced hikers disappear like ants into the distance.

Bothell Insider Tip: High trails still remain snowy during the summer months and weekends bring crowds. Arrive early or visit mid-week to avoid congestion.


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Olympic National Park

Entrance fee: $25 vehicles, $10 individuals

Earning World Heritage status, Olympic National Park was recognized as an endangered national treasure in 1909 in order to protect its natural glacier peaks, lush rainforest, and miles of untouched Pacific coastline. In 1938, it was designated as a National Park and is one of the most stunning and environmentally diverse landscapes in Washington.

The most common way to enter the park is the North entrance via Port Angeles. Here you can visit the Olympic National Park Visitor Center for info and maps before embarking on your adventure. Backpackers and hikers have endless options, whether it be a short and flat hike through Big Meadow Loop or a more rigorous 8-mile trek from Wolf Creek Trail to Whiskey Bend.

Bothell Insider Tip: This park is huge! Plan for a several day excursion just to get a glimpse of all the park has to offer.


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North Cascades National Park

Entrance fee: No entrance fee

North Cascades National Park is a magnificent balance and mixture of recreation and complete and utter raw wilderness.

The “North American Alps,” as some call it, is known for its jagged peaks, glaciers, waterways, and forests. With over 400 miles of trails, the park lures backpackers, hikers, and mountaineers from all over to experience its rural ruggedness and some of the most outstanding forestry in the United States.

Bring your canoe or kayak—or rent from nearby Ross Lake Resort—and glide through the green alpine lakes. This park is world-class, but somewhat underrated and less crowded than the other National Parks.

Bothell Insider Tip: Stop by Cascadian Farms in the foothills to pick up fresh fruit and berries for the car ride home.

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