Large pepperoni pizza from Garlic Jim's Gourmet Pizza in Bothell, Washington.

Garlic Jim's Gourmet Pizza

Garlic Jim’s burst onto the scene several years ago and proved you can get a great gourmet pizza delivered quickly…. it’s a concept that was designed by a group of guys with a whole lot of years of national chain as well as local pizza experience under their belts. All of them agreed that the national pizza chains understood how to deliver a pizza quickly. What was missing was a quality pizza. So this group spent years looking for a high quality pizza that could be delivered quickly enough to arrive in time for dinner.That is when the Garlic Jim’s concept was born. The Garlic Guys have figured out how to make delicious gourmet pizza and also provide excellent and fast delivery service! They’ve perfected the science of prompt pizza delivery through learning and experimentation. The exciting result to this is gourmet pizza delivered fast! Never again will consumers have to choose between quality pizza and fast, excellent service. Garlic Jim’s is here.And now Garlic Jim’s has perfected the next evolution in pizza; the individual Neapolitan pizza made to order in less than 5 minutes! These amazing pizzas are made in front of you with the toppings of your choice. It’s a game changer; another pizza revolution from Garlic Jim’s!


Garlic Jim's Gourmet Pizza

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